Ann Coulter Is The Latest RWNJ To Try And Normalize Sex With Children

Milo Yiannopoulos is watching as his entire world is crashing down around him.

Following the release of a video showing the Breitbart editor defending the practice of adult men having sex with underage boys, Yiannopoulos was uninvited to speak at CPAC and also lost his upcoming book deal with Simon & Schuster. There’s also talk that even the always objectionable Breitbart may part ways with little Milo.

And then today we have fellow right-wing nutcase Ann Coulter taking to Twitter (which Yiannopoulos is banned from) to defend her dear friend:

As if it’s cool for anyone to harm a child. As if any liberal has tried to minimize it when it’s done by a refugee or an undocumented person. You see Ann, much like Milo, cannot stand being proven wrong, so she has to try and deflect by accusing another person of the same thing.

The reaction to Coulter’s vile allegation did not sit well with many on social media:

Well done, Ann! We can all hope the same thing happens to your career as has happened to Milo’s. You two deserve each other.

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