Alternative Fact Of The Month: Mother F**kin ‘Death Panel’ For Old People (VIDEO)

Now, we all know that alternative facts have taken off like the plague since before President Trump ever stepped foot in the White House, but it is starting to get a little ridiculous.

Apparently, according to Bill Akins, a Florida Republican official, President Obama did more than just make sure millions of people became insured with the ACA, he also put a clause in to help with population control. Akins, speaking at a town hall meeting about why he disliked the Affordable Care Act, stated:

And there is a provision in there, that when you’re 74, you have to go before a death panel.

Holy shit! You mean to tell me all these years I could of easily gotten rid of my Great Uncle Donny who always grabbed all the girl’s asses at Thanksgiving dinner?!

Well…shit. Shoulda, coulda, woulda I guess. Now that Obamacare is on the edge of being repealed we missed our chance to get rid of the need for Social Security. I wonder if they will go in and replace that clause with something equally as astounding like an immigrant panel…oh wait…they already did.

Watch the GOP moron below get jeered by the crowd when his ridiculous concoction of “Conway alternative facts” come rolling out of his mouth.


Featured image via Brookdale Hospital.

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