You Think I’m Crazy NOW? Wait Until You See Me Unmedicated, Trump

The United States has sworn in a new President. President Donald Trump is taking money out of our healthcare system as his first act. He is fucking set on getting rid of everything Obama has done, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

I have a serious, chronic mental illness, and I’m in danger of losing my health care if Trump repeals the ACA. I rely on medicine and therapy to keep myself in a stable condition.

If I can’t afford my medicine, my quality of life will plummet quickly. I will suffer from constant paranoia. Imagine spending every moment of everyday thinking that everyone is out to get you. I will forget even basic, habitual things such as showering and fixing myself food.

I would be thrown back into the ginormous black pit that is depression. I will cry over anything and everything. I will be too freaked out to drive a car. I will lose the ability to function.

I’m not the only one. There are others out there who deal with hallucinations. There are people out there who need full-time help. What will happen to them? Do you care if they end up on the streets? Do you care if suicide rates go up? Did you think about ANY of us before dismantling this law?

How do you sleep at night, Drumpf? I hope you enjoyed sticking it to Obama because you are about to end 20 million lives.

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