Women In Africa Subjected To Multiple Types Of Torture Just For Being Women

You may have heard of female genital mutilation in places like Africa, but there is another horrible procedure they perform on women: breast ironing.

Breast ironing involves press hot objects on a woman’s breasts to try and keep them from growing. Some believe it prevents rape.

Victorine Ngamsha was 12-years-old (now 43) when her aunt told her they had to “do something” about her breasts because they were too big. Her aunt took her home and made her undress. Then this happened:

“There were no men in the house, just women, so it didn’t really matter that I was going to undress. She got large coffee leaves and heated them up over a stone fire. Then she pressed them onto my breasts.”

In Cameroon, roughly one-quarter of girls have their breasts ironed.

She was sexually assaulted more than once when she was a child. The breast ironing was supposed to make her less desirable to men.

This is a horrific practice. It is so sad to hear about women being treated this way.

Featured image via Twitter.

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