Woman On Flight With Paul Ryan Slipped Him A Letter That Speaks To How Millions Of Us Feel

Over the weekend, a woman who happened to be on the same flight with House Speaker Paul Ryan decided she would write a letter to let Ryan know how she was feeling about the first few days of Trump and the GOP being in control of Washington.

The letter begins by thanking the Speaker for his service to the country, and then tackles the news of the day: The executive order by Donald Trump banning all immigration from seven countries in the Middle East. Here’s what she told Ryan about that:

“We may not personally agree on many issues, but one thing I know we both believe in is the greatness of this country. This is why this past weekend was so troubling. I grew up in NJ in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. I was taught to be kind and to accept and welcome all people, no matter their origin.”

Next, the woman appealed to Ryan’s faith:

“I hope that moving forward that you can remember the teachings all Christians were raised with — to love thy neighbor and help those in need. I can only pray you stand up for yourself and what you know is best for the country — not just your party.”

The letter concludes with an incredibly powerful reminder we all need to take to heart:

“Be on the right side of history. And be aware that all of us, all races, nationalities and religions, are at your mercy.”


Here’s the full letter:

A friend of mine was on a flight with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan today. This was the note she gave him.

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