Whiner-In-Chief Trump Still Won’t STFU About Losing Popular Vote

President Donald Trump recently met with leaders of Congress. More than two months after he won, instead of focusing on running a country, he continued to talk about the popular vote.

You know, the one that he lost.

There has never been any facts to back up this claim. Ever.

Trump got what he wanted. He ran a racist, sexist, and Islamophobic campaign that somehow made him Commander in Chief. One would think that keeping up this facade would become tiring.

Not for Trump, though.

Proving that his ego has been sorely bruised, he reiterated during the meeting that he didn’t technically lose the popular vote. According to his calculations, about three to five million illegal votes went to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The final count showed Clinton won the popular vote by more than two million. So according to Trump’s math, he won and then some.

Just like his claim that former President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, none of this has any factual backing. In fact, he started that rumor to appeal to racists who wanted Obama out of office.

Simply for being Black.

Millions of Americans assumed, thought, and hoped that Trump would drop this falsehood. Even those of us who didn’t want him in (the majority) wish he’d shut up and do his job.

Here’s why he can’t, though.

A confident person doesn’t feel the need to inflate his own ego. Someone who’s been deeply hurt or offended, however, will either crawl away or fight back.

Trump can’t keep quiet, nor can he crawl away.

He went from being an unverified billionaire (show us your taxes) to public servant. Perhaps he wouldn’t have seen nearly half a million people protest him because of the way he treats women. Maybe he wouldn’t have lost the popular vote if he didn’t call Mexicans rapists and murderers, supported white supremacy and encouraged violence at his rallies.

The more he talks about losing the popular vote, the clearer it is that he’s not fit to be president. Presidents have a sense of grace and dignity. Trump’s behavior is unpresidented.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter. 

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