Well There Goes The F*king Neighborhood! Ivanka Trump Buys House Near Obamas

It’s almost here, folks! We’re all going to be sad to see the Obama family leaving the White House, especially since we have an Orange Menace taking over. The Obamas will be staying in Washington, D.C. for two years, so Sasha can finish high school.

Well, guess who’s going to be moving near them? President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, will be moving in near the Obamas’ future home.

Ivanka may be serving as First Lady in Melania’s absence. This isn’t done often, but it has been done before. Since she is moving to D.C. and she is distancing herself from her businesses, this may be our confirmation that Ivanka will be First Lady.

She will be moving to the area with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore. She closed on a $5.5 million, six-bedroom house. I guess Trumps are taking over the neighborhood.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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