Well, That Was Brief! Trump Wants To Replace Press Secretary Sean Spicer Already!

Washington, D.C is a fickle place where you can be the toast of the town one day and yesterday’s news the next. But in the case of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the poor bastard may be on his way out before his office chair even had time to get warm.

Mike Allen of Axios and Politico is reporting that the Trump inner circle is already planning an early exit for Spicer:

“This West Wing is a tough neighborhood. Even AFTER Sean Spicer’s successful get-back-on-the-horse presser yesterday, I’m told that a top White House official was discussing his possible replacement. On Day 4!”

Even worse, Trump isn’t displeased with the way Spicer is doing the job. Instead, it’s all about the visuals. Allen notes:

“Unfortunately for Spicer, Trump is obsessed with his press secretary’s performance art. Our Jonathan Swan hears that Trump hasn’t been impressed with how Spicer dresses, once asking an aide: ‘Doesn’t the guy own a dark suit?'”

Donald, that’s just fucking cruel, man! You don’t hear any of your staff making snarky cracks about your Cheeto dust fake tan and itty-bitty hands, do you?

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