VISCIOUS Honor Killing – Woman Burned Alive ‘For Love’ (VIDEO)

“Honor Killings” have been making the news repeatedly, especially in the extremely conservative Muslim country of Pakistan. Last June Parveen Bibi was arrested after she invited her daughter home and then burned her alive for dishonoring her family by eloping.

The Bibi family stood by their decision to kill their seventeen year old daughter, Zeenat Rafiq, after she was denied the right to marry Hasaan Khan and ran away shortly thereafter.

It is considered a dishonor for a family if the daughter does not abide by their family’s marriage wishes and Zeenat is only one sad story of the thousands of woman brutally murdered every year in Pakistan.

However, Zeenat’s death will not go unpunished as a prosecutor in the case says that Parveen Bibi, and her son, have been sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder of their daughter and sister. Parveen was recorded when arrested stating:

“I don’t have any regrets.”

As with any other religion, the rules and laws are ever changing and usually evolve as people and society does. However, in Pakistan, some Muslims believe that this is an unbreakable and unbendable rule. When will leaders in the Muslim community begin to stand up against such viscous and callous instances of abuse and torture?

When will women, no matter what religion, start standing up for their rights to choose, their right to not be forced into inappropriate marriages, and the right to practice their own lives how ever they wish without fear of being beheaded and burned alive?

Featured image via Humanity Healing.

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