Vain Trumpenstein Whines About Photo Of Him Used By CNN–Twitter Rips Him A New One

Vanity, thy name is Donald!

In the latest example of just how shallow and thin-skinned he is, Donald Trump is complaining about a photo used by CNN on a commemorative book they published about the 2016 election:

But as with most things, Trump cannot be happy and just take the fact that a book has him in the cover as a compliment. Instead, he had to take to Twitter and post this:

Dear God, Donald! You are such a whiny sack of wet diapers!

Thankfully, others on Twitter gave Don the Con the body blows he so richly deserved:

It’s gonna be a scary and confusing four years, but thanks to the moron residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we’re gonna have plenty to mock.

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