TYT Tears Cory Booker And All ‘Corporate” Democrat Traitors Like Him Brand New A**holes (VIDEO)

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) was a very popular up-in-coming “progressive” politician, rumored to be the establishment front-runner for president in 2020.

However, this week, Booker and 11 other Democrats turned their back on the American people by voting down an amendment by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), which would have paved the way for Americans to have access to affordable prescription medicine from Canada.

Booker and the other Democrats who voted against the amendment also happen to have received large dollar donations from the Pharmaceutical industry over the course of their careers.

In fact, Booker has received almost $300,000 in campaign contributions from big pharma.

Sorry America, it looks like you’ll settle for paying higher prescription drug prices because bookers’ puppet masters told him to tell you that they are unsafe.

Here’s a video of the Young Turks calling out Booker and his fake Dem friends and sending the message that the American people and the progressive media are wide awake and paying very close attention to their duplicitous bullshit.

Image via YouTube

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