TRUTH! Joy Reid Urges The Press: Don’t Promote Trump’s Tweets As ‘Headline News’

On her show today, MSNBC host Joy Reid issued a clarion call of logic and restraint that everyone in the news media–including me–needs to hear and heed: Stop covering Trump’s every word and tweet like it’s so damn important:

“Think of Donald Trump as the caboose sending those ‘Donnie come lately’ tweets stating the obvious after America had already spoken. It’s a pattern we’ve seen again and again as the press struggles on how to get a grip on how to cover a reality show person who communicates via Twitter without any other source of information or contact with the press and regularly contradicts his own aides after they have gone on TV and said things they learned from talking to him.”

Reid then gave specifics that supported her thesis:

“Donald Trump took credit for a Sprint jobs deal that had nothing to do with Donald Trump. In fact it had been publicly announced months earlier. Or how about reporting that Trump would hold his first post election press conference on January 11th, which he very well might do —  but there’s every reason to be skeptical after the one he promised on December 15th and the one from Melania Trump on her immigration status on and on, claim after claim made on Twitter that doesn’t pan out.”

And she ended with some wisdom we should all take to heart:

“Dig beneath the headlines and you get to the real truth about Trump.”

Boom! Truth! How refreshing it is to hear it spoken so clearly. Now let’s implement that wisdom and get after Trump’s miserable hide.

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