Trump’s Executive Orders Might Be Just As Impotent As His Tiny Hands

President Donald Trump’s small hands have penned several executive orders in less than two weeks. Amid reports that staffers have to pull him away from the television, just like parents do with their kids, it appears as though he slapped these together with little to no input from government agencies.

One of his selling points to white trash Americans was the building of a wall along the Mexican border. Not just any wall, though.

The best wall drafted up by his very good brain. Amazing. So YUGE!

Naturally his supporters, in between beating up protesters and yelling racist comments to compensate for their own shortcomings, wondered how he’d pay for such a bigly wall.

As they clung tightly to their beers, he said that Mexico would pay for it.

Except Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, won’t even meet with Trump. He’s also vehemently denied that Mexico would foot the bill which, by the way, would cost between $15 – $25 billion.

A bit more than Trump’s estimate of $5 – $10 billion.

Another executive order was to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline, which goes through sacred Native American territory. That one was drafted and signed with apparently no input from the State Department.

Who needs them anyway, right?

There’s also a report of a leaked executive order draft to reinstate torture as a military tactic. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, of course, said that simply doesn’t exist.

Maybe we’re just hearing alternative facts.

America is truly in for one big shit show. Our host is a fascist who just wants to sign executive orders, watch Finding Doryand go golfing. Instead of finding a cartoon character, perhaps he could find his big boy pants instead.

No country should be run by a toddler.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter 

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