TrumpleThinSkin Is Bored – Thinks He Can Be President During Commercial Breaks

Well, it’s happening already, folks. If anyone needed any further proof that our newly minted president, Donald Trump, would do nothing to make anything other than his own ego great again, this has to be it.

After a long day and a half of battling the media, our Liar-In-Chief started obsessing over his small crowd sizes and lying almost obsessively about every little thing that a simple Google search would prove him wrong at.

Yup, that’s right folks. Apparently, being the POTUS isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Trump is already so bored with his new job, and he just can’t stop watching television.

He seems to be just as fidgety as a little kid who squirms when they’re told to sit still.

Talk about childish bullshit.

Instead of taking advantage of the first couple of days in office signing new orders – days during which newly minted presidents historically have the most political capital to spend – Trump spent Saturday and Sunday doing what comes naturally to him:

  • Ignoring his top aides advising him on the proper way to conduct his first day in office;
  • Reading critical tweets about him and watching television to anger himself, and
  • “Lashing out” at everyone and anyone who dared conflict with his notion of the truth.

The worst part of it is that Trump’s TV-watching behavior is so disturbing that his top aides are worried about not being able to break him of the habit, according to the New York Times.

The most disgusting part of our couch potato-in-chief’s TV watching is the fact that Trump always reacts to negative coverage about him. Without thinking.

What that means is this:

Maybe Trump was looking forward to all of those “golf vacations” he swore up and down former President Barack Obama was taking instead of working, and then found out what life as the president would really be like?

Maybe this is Trump’s way of holing holding his breath like a little kid does when they don’t get their way?

Whatever the reason, even Trump’s people have to admit just how much of a problem it could be if Trump refuses to live in the real world and work as a real president does.

He flat out refused to work and waited until Monday January 23 to do anything because he was too busy watching TV.

As Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley said:

“He can never let go and stop watching cable TV. Now he’s off to the worst start of a presidency in a very long time.”

Surely, surfing the boob toob and otherwise wasting his precious time challenging trivial facts because he gets angry at every little critical view can’t possibly be what either his supporters or his colleagues had in mind for the country, could it?

Oh well. Guess us Liberals are going to have to keep up with the status quo and give Trump something to get angry over.

Otherwise, what fun would the next four years be? Time to get to work, folks!

Featured Image Via Twitter.

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