Trump – It’s Time For You To Grow The F*ck Up

Put on your big boy panties jerkwad. You have sought out the highest office in the land, won the battle, and are woefully unprepared to handle the actual job. You need to learn and learn quick.

The first thing you need to do is quit your fucking whining. It does not become a leader of the United States of America. America is already great, it has been since 1776. You are a 70 year old man, not a 5 year old child. Act like it.

For eight years you people harassed and harangued President Obama. You personally called him Muslim. You personally called him Kenyan. People called him a monkey. People hung and burnt effigies that were meant to resemble him. You and so many others refused to give him an ounce of respect. NOT ONCE DID HE WHINE ABOUT HOW UNFAIR IT WAS. Not once did he try to LIE and create #AlternativeFacts to make himself feel better. Not once did he threaten to hurt or harm one single person that talked bad about him. He was a grown up. He acted like a grown up.

You sit around the White House whining because people are “being mean to you” and harassing and haranguing you on social media? Grow the fuck up baby hands.

WTF is wrong with you. It’s part of the job. Some people voted for you and they like you. Others don’t vote and could probably care less about politics unless you really fuck something up. Others voted against you and we can’t stand you.

We KNOW you’re going to fuck up bad. So we’re just sitting around waiting for you to do that. And we entertain ourselves doing what you did to President Obama for eight long years – we call you names. It’s fun. You should try laughing about them instead of getting upset about them.

You really want to win? Prove us wrong. Prove to us that you aren’t the 5 year old we have seen during your first three days. Prove to us that you were serious about keeping your campaign promises. Prove to us that you are as great as you think you are. Until you straighten up, grow up, and do the right thing, YOU ARE A LOSER.

Prove me wrong. Prove all of us wrong. Start studying. Quit violating the constitution. You are not a king – you are just a president. You work for us. I know this is your first real job, but to us, it is a life and death thing.

If you press the nuke button – we die. If you mess up our health care – we die. If you send our kids off to some trumped up war to get oil – our kids die. You have our lives in your hands. They are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Our deaths will be a part of your permanent record.


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