Trump Spews A Garbled Bullsh*t Word Salad At First Presser In 24 Wks

This morning, January 11, 2016, Trump gave his first press conference after the election. He hacked up a big dose of word salad into our laps.

He actually said, he “will be the best producer of jobs God created.” Of course, everything is great. He’s going to be so great. Bigly.

Also, you can see the sea of angry face reactions on the Facebook live video.

He, of course, is still kissing Putin’s ass. “Hacking is bad.” He also referred to himself in the third person multiple times, and he said that getting along with Russia would be an “asset.”

He said that he can run his business while being president! What. the. actual. fuck. He keeps saying that he doesn’t have to separate his business from his presidency. The camera then panned over to a table full of folders and papers claiming that these are the things he’s signed to separate his business from his government dealings.

He shut down a reporter with a condescending insult when she brought up the tax returns. He answered like a five-year-old mocking her. He said, “Oh, I’ve never heard that before.” Is this how he will treat people he talks to?

He said, “We have one of the best cabinets ever put together!” Are you fucking kidding me, Trumpkin? He has been huffing too much spray tan.

Of course, the problem of Obamacare came up again. He keeps saying “repeal and replace.” He still isn’t talking about a solid plan. Apparently, he thinks he is doing the Democrats a “great service” by yanking away healthcare.

Do you really want to listen to this shit for the next four years?! We need to impeach him.

He just pointed to a Buzzfeed reporter and said, “You are fake news.” The reporter said Trump is attacking them when he was.

Then, he said he wants to stop the “new” phenomenon of hacking. Hacking has been around as long as the Internet has.

This is going to be what the next four years will look like.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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