Trump P*ssed On The Constitution And Sh*t On Religious Freedom With Muslim Ban

President Donald Trump made good on one of his campaign promises this week. Many of his supporters are happy because he signed the “Muslim ban.” People from certain Muslim-majority countries are not allowed in the country.

This is highly unconstitutional; according to the First Amendment, we can’t have an establishment of religion in this country.

This could lead to a renewed religious liberty fight. Those of us who aren’t Christian are in danger of having our rights taken away. Trump and many other Republicans could take rights away from people who aren’t Christians.

Banning Muslims is a very discriminatory action, and this is a slippery slope. Trump is giving Christian refugees priority; however, there are atheists in this region who face executions if they are outed.

Being an atheist and criticizing religion is a human right that we need to fight for.

As an atheist, I’m scared of what could happen under a President Trump. If he has no problem discriminating against Muslims, then he may not have any problem discriminating against the non-religious.

Luckily, former President Barack Obama signed a law about this issue before he left. He defended our rights:

“The freedom of thought, conscience, and religion is understood to protect theistic and non-theistic beliefs and the right not to profess or practice any religion.”

I am an atheist, and I refuse to take the discrimination coming from Trump and his cronies. We will need to fight to keep our civil liberties.

Here is one brave kid practicing this right and saying that we all should be criticizing religion:

UPDATE: During the writing of this article, the federal courts issued a stay on the Muslim ban. More details to follow.

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