Trump Called For Unity So We United – Against Him

On Friday, we swore in President Donald Trump. We all know Trump has thin skin, but his reaction to the protests just makes him sound like a whiny bitch.

He did not win the popular vote, and he has divided us all. On the day after his Inauguration, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in cities around the world, including Washington D.C. The Women’s March had a crowd three times larger than what Trump had at the actual Inauguration.

He lied and said that the crowd was a million-and-half people. He went on some kind of delusional tirade about it during his speech at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

“It looked honestly like a million and a half people, whatever it was, it was, but it went all the way back to the Washington Monument and I turn on, by mistake, I get this network, and it showed an empty field. Said we drew 250,000 people. Now, that’s not bad. But it’s a lie. We had 250,000 people.”

He told them that, then they went back to work. He’s spending too much time dwelling on his speech audience and not enough time actually trying to heal the divide he has caused.

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