Tiny Hands Trump’s HHS Nominee REFUSED To Say If Immigrants Cause Leprosy–WTF?!

Tom Price, who is supposed to be a medical doctor and is the nominee to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, was asked the following question at his confirmation hearings on Tuesday: Are immigrants responsible for bringing leprosy into the United States?

To that question from Senator Bob Menendez, Price responded:

“Any time you get two individuals together in any relationship whatsoever, whether it’s an immigrant or visitor, and one individual has an infectious disease, then it is possible that individual transmits that infectious disease.”

The reason Price was asked that question is because he belongs to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which said in 2005 that “7,000 cases of leprosy” had been caused due to immigrants and “anchor babies” even though they offered not a shred of evidence to prove their ridiculous assertion.

Menendez also queried Price as to whether or not vaccines cause autism, and got this reply:

“Again, I think the science in that instance is that it does not, but there are individuals across our country who are very –”

The New Jersey Senator reminded Price that he wanted to hear him reply if there was any scientific evidence of a link between vaccines and autism. Price weakly told Menendez:

“What I’ll commit to doing is the due diligence that the department is known for and must do to make certain that factual information is conveyed.”

Oh, well that makes us all feel better, Dr. Frankenstein! Leprosy from immigrants and autism from vaccines?! Pretty soon we’ll be getting pamphlets in the mail from the government warning us that disagreeing with Führer Donald causes cancer.

Where does Trump find these idiots? At Incompetents ‘R’ Us?

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