This One Photo Proves Conclusively What Emperor Donald Really Looks Like

On Thursday, as Emperor Donnie the Con was boarding Marine One, the official helicopter for the alleged president, someone managed to get this shot of the moment:

Even the chopper pilot looks like he might be thinking: Dear God, that is one ugly son of a bitch!

Be sure and check out the hair and the wide ass on our supreme leader. No wonder you always see him from the front and with a suit on. This man has the nerve to make fun of women and call them “fat pigs,” but has he seen himself lately?! Poor Melania has to look at this freak with his clothes off. Whatever she gets in the way of an allowance, it’s not nearly enough.

Social media had a field day with the picture, and as much as Trump loves to insult others on Twitter, this is nothing short of instant karma:

Hard to disagree with any of those sentiments. One can only hope White House staffers will insist that Trump be covered from head to toe in a some kind of tarpaulin when he walks towards any flying contraption. It’s the least they can do for the public’s welfare.

Featured Image Via Jezebel

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