This Demonstration Against Pence Is Absolutely Twerking Fabulous (VIDEO)

Firas Nasr, employee of WERK for Peace, a grassroots queer activist group founded after the Orlando shootings, teamed up with Disrupt J20 to bring over 200 dancers, twerkers, artists, and activists together for an amazing demonstration.

The crowd danced their way to Vice President-elect, Mike Pence’s house in a show of solidarity against his anti-LGBTQ agenda. Nasr can be seen riding on top of a van shouting out to the crowd in encouragement.

“Let’s show Daddy Pence who is boss! Yas queen! We do not tolerate bigotry and hate in our country. We are here, and we will dance!”

Photo via Melina Delkic/ABC.

The dancers, singers, and activists broke out in song and dance as they made their way towards Pence’s house. Once they reached the home stretch Rihanna’s “Work” blasted loudly and they stopped to share their message with the neighborhood when they reached the blockade. Matthew Palmquist marched proudly and told reporters:

“We hate Trump. I myself am from a county where Trump won by a very large margin. Lots of the people in my hometown are Trump supporters. I don’t agree with it at all. And I think it’s really important that we constantly let people know that Trump isn’t what we agree with.”

The organization has similar demonstrations planned for every day of the inaugural weekend. Between the message of hope, the glitter, and the music I might slip right out of the March for Women and dance my way down Independence.

Featured image via UpRoxx.

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