The Trump Inauguration Got A Big Thumbs Up From Hatemonger David Duke

Donald Trump can rest easy his first night in the White House. He doesn’t have to worry about how the moronic, willfully ignorant white supremacists and neo-Nazis felt about his inauguration. They were so delighted they nearly pissed themselves.

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke wiped the tears of joy from his eyes and went on Twitter to post this:

Yes, David Duke himself has now given Donald the dickhead has-been seal of approval. That’s gotta make Trump happy as a pig in shit.

Though Trump tried to pretend (wink wink) that he didn’t welcome the support of cousin-marrying inbred rejects from the movie Deliverance, he clearly did, and they (along with Trump’s evil paymaster, Vladimir Putin) have now installed a completely amoral jackass in the Oval Office.

David Duke is probably so freaking happy he’s gonna have to call his sister and ask her out on a hot date that ends at a local motel.

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