The New ‘Christian’ Congress Is Taking Us Back So Far Even Jesus Can’t Help Them

In the United States, 22.8 percent of the population is non-religious. This includes agnosticism, atheism, secular humanism, deism, or just general secularism.

However, this is not reflected in our representation in Congress. In the 115th Congress, 91 percent of the lawmakers describe themselves as Christian.

Now, Congress is very similar to what it was like in the 1960s. What a coincidence! That’s what decade Mike Pence lives in. This is the decade that the party wants to take us back to.

As The Daily Caller reported:

“In 1961, the first year data on members’ religion was collected, Protestants made up 75 percent of the Congress. Today, 56 percent are Protestant. Since 1961, however, Roman Catholic representation has grown from 19 percent to 31 percent.”

The Congress is completely devoid of atheists. This just shows that we are still discriminated against. Even among the few non-religious people in Congress, we don’t have any open atheists. This needs to change.

Featured image via Twitter.

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