The Look On Michelle Obama’s Face When Melania Trump Gave Her A Gift Is PRICELESS!

Poor Melania Trump. She’s not familiar with protocol in situations where you’re meeting the outgoing First Lady. Also, she’s really not all that bright, which makes anything she does look a tad bit…tortured.

A perfect example was today, when President and Mrs. Obama were on hand at the front steps of the White House to welcome the Trumps. Out of nowhere, Melania hands the First Lady a gift in a blue Tiffany’s box. The look on Mrs. Obama’s face said it all:

Awkward! And soon there was all kinds of speculation on Twitter as to what might be in that blue box with white ribbon:

Sadly, we may never know the truth, but whatever it was, it didn’t impress the First Lady in the least.

Damn, I miss the Obamas already.

Featured Image Via ABC News Screengrab

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