Repealing ACA Will Crush An Already Over-Burdened Mental Health Industry

As we are looking at the orange face of a Donald Trump presidency, the Republicans are trying to get rid of one of the best things President Barack Obama has done: Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act gave health insurance to 20 million people who wouldn’t have it otherwise.

They don’t have a solid plan, or any plan, to replace it. They keep talking about Health Savings Accounts (HSA), which is basically you paying for your own healthcare. This is great if you actually have the extra income, but most of us don’t have it. We can’t afford to spend thousands a month on medicine that we need to live. President silver spoon up his ass-elect doesn’t understand this because he doesn’t have to worry about choosing between rent and medicine.

For those of us with mental health problems, the crisis is even worse. The mental health system is totally fucked up. I suffer from a serious mental illness, and my doctor doesn’t even take insurance. If I couldn’t see her, then I would have to wait weeks to see someone the state picked. If my health insurance is yanked away, then I would have to pay thousands a month just in medicine.

People who already are barely affording treatment now won’t be able to get anything. People who need treatment for mental health issues and/or substance abuse may not be able to afford anything without insurance. Many people will likely end up on the streets or in shelters. They could then get welfare, but the Republicans don’t want that. How is taking away the ACA going to save us money? Oh, wait. It’s not. It could cost us $350 billion over the next decade.

Yanking away the ACA will affect mental health patients more because the law finally mandated that mental health is treated equally to physical health. Mental illnesses are one of the most common causes of disability. The biggest causes of death among young people are suicide and accidents. That rate will go up even more if you take health care away.

Hey, Donald Trump, did you think about this before spouting against Obamacare? Do you care about the lives that will be lost by repealing the ACA, Paul Ryan? You RWNJs only care about the money going into your own pockets. The Republican Congress should be forced to live on a minimum wage salary with shitty insurance, so they can see what it’s like.

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