‘Queer Dance Party’ Being Held Right Outside Mike Pence’s DC Home

If there’s one thing we know about Vice President-elect Mike Pence, it’s that he isn’t exactly a big supporter of the American LGBT community. And now karma has decided to pay a visit to Pence’s residence in a suburb of Washington, DC.

That karma will take the form of a “queer dance party” on Wednesday, January 18, according to organizers, who also posted these details on Facebook:

“The homo/transphobic Mike Pence has graciously invited us to shake our booties and bodies in front of/around his house in Chevy Chase. We plan on leaving behind [biodegradable] glitter and rainbow paraphinalia that he can NEVER forget. That’s right, get ready to WERK it and tell Daddy Pence: homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country!

“WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20 are teaming up to bring you the best dance party in the nation, so you betta’ show up and weerrrrkkk! We will meet at the Friendship heights metro and make our way via carpooling or dance to Daddy Pence’s neighborhood. Bring your flyest rainbow gear and your booty/body shaking skills!”

Just imagine the look on Pence’s face when hundreds of gay and transgender folks show up and start dancing to loud music on the street outside his residence. Maybe they’ll even do some slow grinding in front of his bedroom window so Mike can fall asleep with those images in his febrile little brain.

Just last month, Pence’s many of Pence’s neighbors proudly raised rainbow flags in to let the Veep-to-be know what they think of his narrow-minded bigotry towards anyone the least bit different from him.

For an encore, maybe we can get a few million condoms and fill Pence’s yard with them. You know, as a housewarming gift.

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