Pro-Lifers Who Vote No To Social Supports Can Go F*ck Themselves And Their Righteous Indignation

This week is the forty-fourth anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case. This case made abortion legal in the United States.

The people who want to ban abortion and/or are against it call themselves the “pro-lifers.” There’s one problem with that: they are not “pro-life.” They are pro-birth.

They want women to have the babies, but the Republicans keep cutting welfare and other programs that are meant to help children in poorer families.

This nun put it best:

All these pro-lifers care about is whether or not the baby is born. These are often the same people who are against gun control and are in favor of the death penalty.

Many of these people are hypocrites. Making abortion legal would kill more people. The women seeking these procedures used to die from illegal abortions. These pro-lifers will take us back to that era if they have their way. We need to stand up to protect women’s rights.

Unintended pregnancies are common in this country. We really need better access to birth control and better sex education. Shockingly, the “pro-lifers” are against these things as well. I guess they just want people to never have sex, but that is just unrealistic. The “pro-life” movement needs to look inside themselves and realize how hypocritical they are being.

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