President ‘Club A Baby Seal’ Now Says All Scientific Data Must Be Reviewed By His Band Of Idiots

So for years, under the Bush administration, governmental interference in scientific research that didn’t fit the administration’s agenda regarding environmental issues was a pretty big problem. College’s were being denied funding, the public was kept in the dark, and climate change, a huge issue everywhere else, was rarely talked about in the U.S.

To combat that, President Obama enacted a scientific integrity document that, to sum it up, makes almost all reviews of scientific discovery confined to inside the scientific institution and is only allowed for political review in specific situations, but no changes are allowed to be made. This document also made it illegal for anyone to force or bribe an institution to falsify scientific information and forced the findings to be released to the public.

But now….

Photo via Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast.

Not only is Trump raping children, raping the economy, raping the environment, he is now making it mandate that his band of idiots do the same to any scientific data produced about climate change, or the warming of the earth.

No scientific findings are allowed to be published to the public without first being “looked over” by his administration.

Yes, because someone like Kellyanne Conway or Ivanka Trump know the first damn thing about global warming. You could send them the ingredients to spaghetti sauce, stamp an EPA label on it, and they would claim that scientists produced information that climate change was false.

Coupled with his latest stunt of cutting the EPA budget and putting an astronomical amount of people out of jobs, I would say by the end of this Trump will be declaring that the environment doesn’t exist at all…damn you fake environment.

Featured image via Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast


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