Olbermann: Trump’s Words And Actions Prove He’s The ‘Idiot Marionette’ Of Putin (VIDEO)

How I wish Keith Olbermann was still on MSNBC! It would be a pleasure to hear him dress down Donald Trump on a nightly basis.

The good news is that Olbermann is still around, working for GQ, and making some of the most brilliant political commentary you will ever encounter.

Today, Olbermann watched in horror as Trump held the most bizarre press conference in history and immediately tweeted out a video in which he noted:

“Any essential distinction between Donald Trump being an idiot marionette belonging to Putin, and Donald Trump acting like a Russian agent has been fully erased in one week. And it has been erased by Donald Trump.

“Because. He. Cannot. Leave. It. Alone.”

And then Olbermann said what we’ve all been thinking whenever we hear Trump talk about Russia or Vladimir Putin:

“Because every move Donald Trump has made this year has been politically tone deaf. He could not make it look more like he is covering up something, something horrifying, if he hung a sign around his neck reading ‘cover-up.’”

We know what you’re up to, Donnie. And we won’t rest until you are dragged–kicking and screaming–into the light of the truth. Because that’s how you lose and the American people win. We’re watching you.

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