Now Trumpkins Are Trying To Blame The Muslim Ban On Obama

Now that Donald Trump’s proposed ban on refugees from seven Muslim nations has led to chaos at American airports and been put on hold by a federal judge, it seems the perfect time for those who support Führer Donnie to find a scapegoat, just like Republicans always do.

Today, press secretary Sean Spicer reached into the playbook and pulled page one for every member of the GOP: When in doubt, blame Obama.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Whiny Spice had this to say when asked what Trump’s executive order on Muslim immigration conveys to the world:

“What this says is we are going to protect our country and our people. There are forty-six other countries that are not part of this, and I think that’s an important thing to note. Whether you’re talking about Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, or the UAE. There’s forty-six Muslim-majority countries that are not in this set. These seven countries were identified by the Obama administration as needing further travel scrutiny.”

See there! It’s all the black guy’s fault. He’s not in office anymore, but it’s gotta be his fault because God knows Trump can never admit fault when it comes to anything, even when he freely admits that he gets his rocks off by grabbing women on the pussy.

But here’s the fact that none of these moronic Trump zombies can deny: Trump signed the executive order, not Obama. So it belongs to Don the Con now and forever.

Blame Obama ain’t gonna work anymore, Republicans. You’d better look for another person to pin your fuck ups on.

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