Not Only Is The Cheeto In Charge Slashing Budgets, He Is Increasing The Unemployment Rate (VIDEO)

It has been no secret that President Donald J. Trump believes that climate change is fake, but in an effort to push oil, reduce policies protecting our food, air, water, and climate, the head Cheeto In Charge has decided to slash the EPA’s budget by possibly $1 billion dollars.

And put a lot of people out of work in the process.

Myron Abell, the former head of the Trump transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency, recently left the position to return to his conservative think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute. But first he sat down with the Associated Press to talk about the possible changes coming our way.

While he started out the interview expressing how what would be happening is confidential he continued by stating that we should expect at least a $1 billion budget cut to the agency. He also stated:

President Trump said during the campaign that he would like to abolish the EPA, or ‘leave a little bit.’ I think the administration is likely to start proposing cuts to the 15,000 staff, because the fact is that a huge amount of the work of the EPA is actually done by state agencies. It’s not clear why so many employees are needed at the federal level.

It is all very clear why Trump would want to cut the EPA out of the equation, especially after he recently okay’d the go ahead to both the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, two projects he has financial ties to. Trump wants the oil money, he wants the land, and he wants to do it without anyone regulating him.

So basically we are looking at a future where we are pouring toxic gases from all angles, air and ground, with little to no accountability for the safety of our people or our environment.

No wonder the damn Doomsday Clock has been moved forward, they might as well put it on midnight and get it over with.

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