NO! This Nasty Woman Will Never, EVER Accept Trump And His Illegitimate Presidency

After President Trump was inaugurated, Republicans everywhere are telling us liberals to “accept Trump.” My own father said we need to “grow up.”

Are you fucking kidding me, deplorables? You guys made disgusting racist comments about our president for the last eight years! We’re supposed to forget that and accept Trumplethinskin. I don’t think so.

We will protest. We will be heard. We will fight against his racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and more.

We will not stand by and watch our freedom of choice be taken away. We will not let our freedom of speech and freedom of expression to be taken away.

President Trump, you lost the general election. The public wanted Hillary Clinton, but you snuck by with the Electoral College.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of women gathered in Washington D.C. to protest YOU, Donald. Contrary to what Fox News is saying, the Women’s March was a peaceful, legal protest. No one was arrested.

He would rather spend his time whining and ranting and raving on Twitter instead of maybe reading the Constitution. He can borrow my copy.

As a columnist on Thought Catalog said:

“If his misogyny and xenophobia (a mere two of his bigotries) don’t bother his tried and true fans, then I doubt his Twitter fetish will. Our soon-to-be president has pumped out too-damn-many abridged communiques just this month alone, probably millions, a percentage of them petulant and reactionary. This man is about to assume the position of chief executive of the United States of America. Don’t you think he’d spend a little less time name-calling and a little more time brushing up on our Constitutional amendments?”

These are going to be a tough four years, but we will survive.

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