Keith Olbermann Pulls No Punches, Says Trump Is Insane And Must Resign ASAP

It needed to be said, and Keith Olbermann said it: Donald Trump has already proven that he’s a dangerous, deluded psychopath who is totally out of touch with reality and must be removed from office.

As part of his The Closer commentaries for GQ magazine, Olbermann noted:

“So, you support Donald Trump. I’m not gonna yell. I’m not going to say you’re wrong. I’m not going to talk about his policies. I’m not going to talk about his promises. I’m not going to talk about whether he’s going to cut your taxes or raise them. I’m not going to talk about whether he’s going to make America great again or crash it and burn it.”

And then Olbermann made his case against Trump, concluding with this:

“(Trump) is the kind of man who could convince himself it would be just fine to start a nuclear war. Because of course he would survive the retaliatory attack and so would his family… and friends, or to use his word: his fans– because he’s Donald Trump, and bad things can not happen to Donald Trump.

“He does not have a ‘running war with the media,’ he has a running war with reality.”

It’s difficult to argue with anything said in this latest posting from Keith Olbermann. Watch it yourself and share it with a friend or family member who cares as much about this country as you do.

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