Jagoff Judge Jeanine Says Female Marchers Are ‘Militants’ Because They Hate Fox News

There are many reasons to despise Fox News. First and foremost is the fact that they mislead millions of Americans and stir up hatred against anyone who isn’t white, Christian, and conservative.

But among the most vile creatures to ever crawl out of the fetid sewers and appear on a Fox broadcast is Jeanine Pirro, who is the television equivalent of typhoid fever.

On Wednesday’s edition of the Fox show Outnumbered, Pirro declared that women such as the ones who marched over the weekend are a threat to Donald Trump:

“We cannot risk, especially in these militaristic times. I was in Washington in the middle of that protest, those people were militants! Had it not been for my security — they hate Fox, that hate this or they hate that one.

“It is time that we need to up our game when it comes to the president.”

You know, considering that right wingers are vocal advocates of all things militaristic, and of being fully armed at all times, and of self-defense, they sure as hell whine a lot, don’t they? That tells me they’re really frightened babies who like to talk a good game but don’t have shit to back up their words.

I, however, do have a word that perfectly describes Jeanine Pirro: Pathetic.


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