Intel Analyst Says Trump Is Full Of Sh*t, Has No Plan To Defeat ISIS

Remember during the campaign when Donald Trump repeatedly said he knew more about ISIS than the generals and had a “secret plan” for defeating the terrorist group? Well, a well-respected intelligence analyst and former CIA agent says it’s just another con by Donnie Cheeto.

Philip Mudd said on CNN Friday that everything the illegitimate American head of state has said is pure fiction:

“After he mentioned during the campaign, ‘We’re gonna lock her up.’ Nope. ‘We’re going to give you my tax returns after the election.’ Nope. ‘We got a secret plan.’ Nope.

“He knew when he put that information out there that it was false. My response to the president is this: We’re (the media) dishonest? I want to know why there’s an air gap between what you say and what the truth is because it happens every day.”

As for that “secret plan” to defeat ISIS, Mudd commented:

“You know what the secret plan is? Breaking news: Pentagon, you got any ideas? Bring them over and maybe we will sign over to those. We have a truth deficit in the Oval Office.”

Exactly! We have a major truth deficit in the Oval Office, and it gets worse with each day.

Here’s the CNN segment, in two parts:

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