If You Ain’t Christian You Ain’t Sh*t

On Friday, we will say goodbye to the amazing President Barack Obama, and we will swear in President-elect Donald Trump. Trump has ridiculed and insulted many groups, but there is one that doesn’t get talked about so much: atheists.

Many people just don’t care or pay attention to the civil rights of the non-religious. One of Trump’s cabinet picks, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL.), doesn’t believe secular people can understand the truth in the same way that religious people do. He also thinks the separation of church and state is unconstitutional.

As atheists, we will need to protect our rights during this incoming administration.

U.S. Representative Tom Price (R-Ga.) is a sponsor of the First Amendment Defense Act, which allows religious people to refuse service to people and otherwise discriminate using their religion as an excuse. The religious don’t get to ignore the law.

Here is part of a statement released by the group, American Atheists, relating to this law:

“Rep. Price is a co-sponsor of the so-called ‘First Amendment Defense Act’ (FADA), a bill that would give individuals, public businesses, healthcare providers, and even government employees the ability to essentially break any laws that conflict with their religious views on marriage or sex outside of marriage. This law would elevate religious dogma above civil rights laws and gut existing protections for LGBT people and women.”

During Trump’s campaign, he was pandering to the Religious Right on the conservative side. He wants to overturn the Johnson Amendment, which allows churches to shove their way into politics.

We are a secular nation, and we can’t favor one religion over another. Religion shouldn’t be in the government at all, but Trump wants to change that. Yes, this is scary, but we need to raise awareness of these issues.

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