Idiotic GOP Lawmaker Says Forget About Trump’s Tweets; Let’s Talk About Hillary’s Emails

Kevin Cramer is your typical Republican: Stupid, deluded, and heavily brainwashed.

Cramer, who also happens to be a member of Congress from North Dakota, appeared on C-SPAN this week and was asked by a caller why it was wrong of the media to report on the objectionable things Donald Trump says on Twitter. Rather than talk about the subject at hand, Cramer decided to try and change the topic completely:

“You know, the question isn’t for me so much, as I said earlier, how much negative coverage Trump gets as they protected Hillary Clinton. Again, getting back to the email scandals, as the best example, way more news coverage about was Jim Comey out of line as opposed to what is in these emails.”

Excuse me, Congressman Twat Waffle, but we were talking about Trump, who will take the oath of office in less than a week! Getting back to the email scandals?! Really? We’re gonna have to go through that complete waste of time and money just because you can’t manage to defend a dillhole like Donald Trump?

Emails, emails, emails! It’s enough to put you off the internet for months just to get away from the sheer idiocy these Republican assclowns seem intent on trying to foist on us no matter the topic.

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