Fox News F*cked Up Families Nationwide – THIS Nasty Woman Fights Back

For those of you who have Amazon Prime, you should check out the documentary “The Brain Washing Of My Dad.” The filmmaker follows her father’s journey from being a liberal to being an alt-right conservative after he listened to Rush Limbaugh and started watching Fox News. There are other people in the documentary who have similar stories with their own friends and relatives.

I have the same problem with my father. He’s always been a right-winger, but it has gotten worse during this last year. He became a huge Trump fan, and he still doesn’t listen to anything bad about it.

Funny thing, he is boycotting celebrities who say nasty things about Trump. In the next breath, he will say how us liberal protester “cry babies” just need to “grow up” and accept Trump. I just want to tell him, “Listen to yourself, you fucking hypocrite.”

I questioned his pro-gun ideas and he told me to go to a country without a Constitution. I’ve been through active shooter training, and the government does NOT recommend trying to be the good guy with a gun. The cops will just mistake you for a bad guy with a gun.

He doesn’t like the liberal ideas I write about, so he unfriended me on Facebook. Then, he came into my room to decree that he had unfriended me and didn’t want to be associated with me. That is a whole new kind of hurt for me. My own father doesn’t want to be connected to me.

Just the fact that he voted for someone who was spreading so much hate. He has two daughters, and he is just fine having a pussy grabber-in-chief. He refuses to believe that Trump has said the nasty things that he has. He has even become homophobic and transphobic, which he never was before. He is in favor of the ridiculous bathroom bills.

He also complains about how Obamacare should go away, but he doesn’t realize that he would be one of the ones who would lose insurance. He told me to just “go get a job and pay for it.” It’s not that simple dumbass. Do you know how much medical care costs when you don’t have insurance? It’s insane!

I wish that I could convert my dad back to a slightly more liberal state like this filmmaker did, but my father is too stubborn for that. I just can’t talk to him about politics anymore.

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