F*ck You Boy Scouts — This Kid Is Too Amazing For You

The Boy Scouts of America have supposedly started allowing people of all sexual orientations into their organization. They are facing some questions after their latest discriminatory move.

Joe Maldonado, 8, was kicked out of Scout Pack 87 in Secaucus, NJ, for being transgender. He was born a girl named Jodi, and he has been living as a boy for over a year.

The Boy Scouts defended their actions with the excuse:

“No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation. Gender identity isn’t related to sexual orientation.”

Joe told CNN:

“I felt very upset but then very angry because it’s just not fair that because I was born a girl they won’t let me in.”

Jean Malpas, the director of the Gender and Family Project at the Ackerman Institute, says that the organization doesn’t understand the difference between assigned sex and gender identity. Joe was assigned the female sex at birth, but he has taken on the gender identity of a male.

It’s just plain ridiculous. None of the children in the group had a problem with it. The adult leaders were the one making a fuss over it. There is nothing wrong with Joe’s chosen identity. He should be allowed to join the Boy Scouts just like any other boy.

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