Even The DC Metro System F*cking Hates Trump, Steadily Trolling Him On Twitter

On Saturday, the day after we swore in President Donald Trump, millions of people all over the world were protesting against him.

In Washington D.C., the crowd was bigger than the crowd at the actual Inauguration. The DC Metro system threw some shade at Donald Trump. They tweeted:

By itself, this tweet isn’t so bad, but compare it to the tweets from Friday, the Inauguration day:

Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld said:

“Over the two days of Friday and Saturday. Metro trains, buses and paratransit served well over 2 million passenger trips. … We can all feel proud of providing safe, reliable service for large numbers of riders over two consecutive days on a world stage. This success is especially impressive given the monumental challenge of sustaining such an operation over back-to-back days, along with the logistical challenges that come from national special security events.”

Trump spent the whole weekend trying to deny the fact that the protest crowds were bigger. He went to his address at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and all he could talk about were the crowds.

Featured image via Twitter.

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