Don Lemon Gets P*ss A** Drunk On Live TV And Things Go Downhill FAST (VIDEOS)

CNN’s Don Lemon celebrated New Year’s Eve in New Orleans along with his co-host Brooke Baldwin. During the course of the evening, Lemon decided to partake in a few spirits (ya know so he could convey the full N’awlins experience.)

As you can imagine, it didn’t work out very well.

Lemon proceeded to get so drunk he shared too much info about himself and his love life, got his ear pierced on Camera, and asked his co-host to marry him.

But here is when the CNN producers said enough was enough and cut Lemon’s mic.

So just for the record. You can work for CNN and make an absolute fucking drunken fool of yourself on live TV, as long as you don’t get too real and tell the truth.

Any questions?

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