Did Sean Spicer Really Say Obama Served Four Terms In Office? Yep, He Sure Did

There was an odd moment at Tuesday’s press conference with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer which may have gone unnoticed by most people.

The topic was the upcoming announcement of who Donald Trump and President Steve Bannon plan to appoint to the Supreme Court to fill the seat of the late Antonin Scalia, and Spicer noted:

The default is if you are generally qualified and not extreme you are confirmed,”

A reported pointed out that the GOP hadn’t followed that pattern in regard to Merrick Garland, who has seen his nomination held hostage for over a year by Senate Republicans. To that query, Spicer replied:

“There’s never been a situation in which you had a fourth term, someone that late in an election cycle. That had never occurred before. And I think the Senate Republicans were very clear that we should wait and let the voters have a choice. And that’s exactly what happened.”

A fourth term? Are we talking about FDR now, or what, Sean? President Obama nominated Judge Garland in the fourth year of his second term, 10 months before to the election.

By that same metric, there’s going to be a presidential election in a mere 46 months which could well see a Democratic winning the White House, so we should probably keep the seat open until the American voters can weigh in on the matter.

Yeah, I know, it sounds freaking ridiculous. But it’s the same damn thing the Republicans did to Garland, and by extension, to President Obama.

So if the GOP wants special treatment now, I say fuck ’em. Let them get a taste of obstruction and see how they like it.

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