DEPLORABLE Racist Truck Driver Displays Sign Honoring MLK’s Killer (VIDEO)

In an extremely disgusting show of “freedom of speech,” or as I like to refer to it as “hate speech,” a Pennsylvania man decorated his truck for Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a black mannequin hanging from a rope, a Confederate flag, and a sign reading:

“In loving memory of [King’s murderer] James Earl Ray.”

Photo via RawStory.

What is even more disturbing is, in my opinion, the lack of knowledge of the premise of the First Amendment the Johnstown Police Department are showing when investigating this case. Chief Janciga says that the department is set on holding up the Constitution and freedom of speech. Janciga stated:

“Look at the Westboro Baptist Church and what they do at funerals. Even though its an emotional time for people (mourning the loss of a loved one), their hateful speech is protected.”

I am in no way saying that what Westboro Baptist Church does is in any way moral but when does free speech reach its end and hate speech take its place? Westboro Baptist, though disgusting and immoral, pickets on the grounds of twisted religious beliefs while this douche bag wants to show just how crazy of a human being he is by riding around patting a murderer on the shoulder.

The First Amendment, yes, is the very reason I can sit here today pecking away on my computer bitching about how outrageous this is, but it is not there to protect dill holes from intimidating and publicly displaying hate towards an entire race of people.

As President-elect Hitler, I mean Trump, takes office tomorrow, we are bound to see more and more of this hateful rhetoric being protected by the very people set forth to see fairness and equality for all people of this country.

Free Speech or Hate Speech, Who Decides?

Featured image via By William Porcher Miles (1822-1899) – SVG adapted from this image, Public Domain

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