Dear Liberals: Stop F*cking Misusing Terms Like ‘White Privilege’ — The Sh*t’s Getting Embarrassing

On December 30, Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) star cage fighter Rhonda Rousey had her big comeback fight against the bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

Before the fight, Rousey lost her title over a year ago to another opponent, Holly Holmes, in an embarrassing lopsided defeat that ended in brutal fashion.


So with over a year to prepare and improve, how did Rousey do in her big comeback fight? See for yourself.

Okay, yeah I hear you. What does any of this shit have to do with white privilege? Just bear with me a sec.

Following her second devasting loss Rousey was bombarded with criticism, not just for her terrible fight, but also because of what many believed to be her “white privilege” going into the fight.

Rousey chose not to do any press events leading into the fight, something that other UFC fighters had been pulled from fight cards for doing, like a Hispanic male fighter named Nick Diaz for one.

Rousey also earned 3 million dollars for her performance, while the champion only earned $200,000 plus a smaller win bonus.

These were just a few factors that led many to throw the “white privilege” card at the UFC and Rousey.

Here’s why those people are dead wrong.

Before her two defeats, Rousey exploded into the UFC as an undefeated phenom with a reputation for arm barring and finishing her opponents in virtually no time.

She was like a female Mike Tyson in the cage and quickly became the UFC’s biggest star earning the company millions in pay-per-view buys, mainstream press coverage, and merchandising.

She had the looks and fighting skill to market her into a household name. Now did her being white factor into her sex appeal? Probably, seeing as most of the UFC’s North American fanbase are comprised of white males.

She also helped widen the UFC’s fan base and bringing in more women to follow the sport.

The bottom line is that Rousey earned most of her hype be bringing female mixed martial arts into the mainstream.

By misusing the “white privilege” label, liberals hurt its legitimacy. White privilege would have more to do with the fact that Rousey is less likely to be pulled over by the police or followed around by store employees.

White privilege took hundreds of years to become what it is today and shaped U.S. economic policies, such as redlining, that still hurt minority communities.

It saw the creation of Jim Crow laws which took decades of the blood, sweat, and tears of Civil Rights heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X (who paid with their lives) before society began to untangle the roots of those laws from society.

Systematic racism within the judicial system fueled by white privilege is also a huge problem; that puts more and more black, and brown people in jail year after year for the same crimes that white people get a slap on the wrist for (if they are even arrested).

There are serious problems caused by white privilege in America, Ronda Rousey making more money than the champion who whooped her ass is not one of them.

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