Dear World: The REAL American Majority Is Sorry… F*ck Trump

John Pavlovitz recently penned a beautiful, tear-jerking post on his site Stuff That Needs To Be Said. It’s simply titled Dear World, From America and should be read by everyone.

Especially President Donald Trump and his supporters.

It’s a post that goes into great detail about all of the problems with Trump. As the title suggests, it’s a letter to the world apologizing for who we’ve elected to run this country.

His first line is a dark reminder that our right to free speech is at jeopardy, saying:

“We felt we needed to say something while saying something is still allowed.”

Trump hasn’t held back his hatred of news reporters and free speech in general. Specifically, anyone who doesn’t bow down and praise his fascist, tyrannical ways. Let’s not forget that he blocked people from his Twitter account after they criticized him.

He goes on to point out that America has never dealt with this type of leader before. We’ve had many presidents with flaws, especially our slave-owning forefathers.

About them he says:

“Whatever darkness in them, they had at the very least, a baseline of humanity and decency that more often than not insured rational behavior.”

Trump isn’t about to win a humanitarian award or Husband of the Year, and he definitely won’t go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time. Everything he’s done, from the Muslim ban (that’s received a temporary stay) to reinstating the abortion gag order, will only cause harm.

His next line sums it up:

“This man is not normal.”

No, he’s not.

A quick scroll through Trump’s Twitter timeline shows just how unfit he is to be president.

A normal person doesn’t tweet about something that happened months ago, especially when everything worked out in their favor.

Pavlovitz goes on to apologize to the refugees who came here to escape tyranny and are now forced to live through it again. He also apologizes to other world leaders who have to deal with Trump, acknowledging that it won’t be easy.

The rest of the post asks for forgiveness and closes with something sure to piss off Trump:

“with despair and hope in equal measure, in peace and unity with you, The american majority.”

Trump can waste time, money and effort into looking for the millions of undocumented workers that didn’t vote, just to comfort his bruised ego. It doesn’t change the fact that he did, in fact, lose the popular vote.

Did Trump really expect no backlash after he ran a white supremacist campaign? Was Trump really that surprised to see nearly half a million women march against him after everything he’s said about them?

It’s time the man-child to wake up and grow up.

He cannot reek of fascism and expect people to keep quiet. He cannot ban an entire religious group from entering our country. And he sure as hell cannot threaten to revoke our reproductive rights after claiming that our genitals are there for him to grab.

This country represents freedom, not his hateful, racist agenda. We will never stop resisting.

Be sure to read the full post here.

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter 

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