Copycat P***y-Grabber Connecticut Politician Arrested For Assault

Our President-elect Donald Trump was caught talking about sexually assaulting women in a 2005 audiotape from an Access Hollywood special. Welp, I guess other old, creepy politicians think they can get away with assaulting women.

A Connecticut Republican politician, 71-year-old Christopher von Keyserling, who has served on the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting board since 1985 was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault.

The incident occurred on December 8 when he was talking with a 57-year-old victim in the hallway of a town facility. They were talking about Trump’s incident, and she said it’s a new political world. According to the warrant, he told the woman:

“I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

She told him if he’s “proud of that I can’t help you.” He allegedly pinched her groin after the heated exchange. She threatened to hit him if he ever did it again. She said he:

“… Looked back with a really evil look in his eyes and said, ‘it would be your word against mine and nobody will believe you.'”

His lawyer, Phil Russell, says:

“Von Keyserling playfully gave a lady who he knew for 30 years a pinch is what the accusation is. And somehow, everybody’s wringing their hands and carrying on that this is a crime, and it just isn’t.”

No, grabbing a person’s crotch is a crime. That is assault, and Keyserling should go to jail for it. Unfortunately, we may see more incidents like this when Trump is president. Ladies, carry pepper spray with you.

Here is the segment from the Daily Show about Trump’s pussy-grabbing incident:

Here is Samantha Bee’s excellent take on it:

Featured image via News12 screenshot.

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