Chinese State Media Trolled The Hell Out Of Don The Con

The Global Times of China has a message for Donald Trump: We are not the least bit impressed.

In an editorial the Global Times published, they had this to say about the soon-to-be 45th President:

“Trump’s thinking about China is becoming increasingly clear: He wants China to make huge economic and trade concessions to the U.S. To achieve that, he is willing to stir certain calm areas in China-U.S. relations, including treating the Taiwan issues as his trump card. We were simply angry initially, but now we can’t help but laugh at this U.S. leader-in-waiting. Maybe American voters ‘promoted’ him too quickly, his amateur remarks and over-confident manner are equally shocking.”

That’s right: They’re laughing at the big buffoon with the tiny hands, just like a majority of Americans and other countries around the world. We are now the laughingstock of the world community, and that isn’t going to change until Don the Con is out of the Oval Office.

All we can do is laugh right along with them. It’s the best medicine.

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab

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