Blonde Bimbo Tomi Lahren Labels Liberals As ‘Snowflakes’

Tomi Lahren, the ultra-Conservative 24-year-old host of the Blaze’s show, Final Thoughts, had some ugly thoughts about liberal “snowflakes.” They’re almost akin to Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck” jokes.

Some examples include:

“If you spend more time occupying Wall Street than you do occupying a shower or a job, you might be a snowflake.”

“If Donald Trump’s tweets bother you more than the four Americans we lost in Benghazi, classified information shared on a private server, Saudi-bought influence at the State Department or paid violence at Trump rallies, you might be a snowflake.”

“If you think someone else, like taxpayers, should pay for your college tuition, you might be a snowflake.”

“If border security seems racist to you, you might be a snowflake.”

She spews a 3-minute litany of these stupid lies about liberals. Twitter users are firing back against her:

I don’t know how many people take her seriously. She is just as whiny, and she is just spreading more fear and hate.

Here is the clip of her snowflake rant:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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