‘Big Brother’ Trump Institutes Media Blackouts For EPA And Others

President Donald Trump has barred the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from sending out things on social media and giving information to reporters. They also can’t award any new contracts or grants. This also affects the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Trump wants to cut down on regulations, which could affect the environment. He’s promising auto manufacturers that he will make things easier for him.

Trump said:

“We’re going to make the process much more simple for the auto companies and for everybody else who wants to do business in the United States.”

“You’re going to find this to be from being very inhospitable to extremely hospitable.”

I guess this shouldn’t be surprising since Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. Our president is an idiot. Maybe he hopes he can hide the dumb shit he does with a layer of smog.

Make sure to hide your books if you want to avoid the burning. Hoard your science books before the president takes them away.

Featured image via Twitter.

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