Beyond Deplorable! Trump Supporters Spit On Hispanic Children Visiting D.C.

Looks like we may have to find a more appropriate word for Trump supporters than just deplorable.

Texas Congressman Filemon Vela reports that he had planned to attend Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump as president, but something that happened that changed his mind:

“While visiting Washington, DC, 40 migrant students from my district were subjected to comments of ‘beaners,’ ‘burritos,’ and ‘wetbacks’ from Inauguration attendees. One student was even spit on.”

Vela added that such behavior can be traced back to Trump, whom he said had engaged in:

“Repeated acts of disrespect for the 33 million Americans of Hispanic descent. 

“The hope that his actions as President would not match his political rhetoric is becoming more and more of a distant dream.”

Instead of deplorables, I say we call Trump supporters like these racist assholes. Who’s with me?

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